Named for the fifteen giant Palladian windows that surrounded his first store, JD Susanin’s PALLADIO is and always has been about walls.  Established in 2001, PALLADIO is a design company in suburban Philadelphia that excels in unique custom faming, art production and fills an undersold niche within the interior design world -- the proper treatment of walls.  

According to Jay, “no matter how large or small a space, whether at home, work or in public, almost every wall is a canvas and, in some way,  should relate to or enhance its interior space. Because art is personal, it is tied to emotion. As such properly framed and placed artwork completes a room, enhances its interior personality and ties people to their surroundings.”  

Guided by Jay’s education and training in history, architecture and design, the PALLADIO team works routinely to combine three elements: personal taste, interior style and clever framing; if a project calls for artwork that a client doesn’t have, PALLADIO will find or produce it. The focus at PALLADIO is always on the client, his or her attachment to the project and how it can be produced in a way that is unique.

In both the residential or corporate arenas,  PALLADIO breathes new life and a fresh perspective into framing & design projects of all scales and sizes.

BANK & SURF... Bank of a river and surf of the ocean. And so was JD Susanin’s new art production company named -- a company that was “created by accident.”  

 “As part of my role at PALLADIO I was creating an art plan for a client’s vaction house in Naples, Florida and wanted the focal point of the family room to be a great map of Old Naples.  After being unable to find the right kind of map of Naples in Naples, I came back to Chestnut Hill and drew one.  The drawing was digitized & enhanced to have the feel of a blueprint and produced in turquoise.  It was framed at PALLADIO and another customer saw it and wanted a navy blue version for his own house -- and a companionmap of Avalon for his house there. Using an old map of Avalon  I repeated the process.  Someone else saw the map of Avalon and asked for Stone Harbor and another for Ocean City....”  After a grat deal of research and product development, education and artistry, BANK & SURF - a coastal art division of PALLADIO - began.  

After two immediate appearances at the Atlanta Gift Show, the beach maps of BANK & SURF made their way to almost 50 stores between Maine and Florida.  Responding initially to the wants of the first year’s customers and store accounts, the map library began to grow.  To date, there are almost 250 map locations and the collection is destined to keep growing.

BANK & SURF maps are available in twelve colors and two sizes and are typically produced with simple white frames.  Each map can be personalized to show the location and address of a house, have an initial or monogram in the center of the compass, and the year of the house tucked under the map’s crest; additional points of interest can be added to the map such as a private club, a wedding venue or favorite hangout.  New map collections include city maps, map for private clubs and maps of summer camps.

Several related art collections are in the development stages at BANK & SURF and will include sea creatures, sea corals & seaweeds, tropical leaves, NJ beach tags and more....

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